Helen Giuliani | Interventionist

Helen Giuliana | Counsellor

Helen Giuliani is a Human Services counsellor and Certified Life Skills Coach who has worked in the recovery community for over 20 years where she has helped hundreds of addicts, alcoholics and families freedom from addiction, achieve long-term sobriety and live a productive, fulfilling life. Helen has a diverse professional background facilitating group therapy, and providing individual counselling to men, women and families seeking help for alcoholism and drug addiction. Helen has also specialized in the process of intervention with a number of individuals and agencies over the years, including Intervention Toronto and Interventions Canada. Helen is a compassionate and skilled interventionist whose work reflects her professional knowledge of addiction and her personal commitment to guide addicts and their families along the road to recovery.

In 2005 Helen began co-facilitating support groups for drug addicts, alcoholics and their families with Mark Elliot, founder of Intervention Toronto and radio host of Newstalk 1010’s People Helping People. During this period Helen also worked at Mark’s private practice providing one-to-one counselling to addicts and their families. After their successful professional collaboration Mark personally trained Helen in the intervention process, which afforded her the time and experience to hone her professional knowledge and clinical skill set under the guidance of her mentor. After another decade working closely with Helen, Mark retired as a full-time interventionist. Determined to continue and expand on the groundwork that Mark had laid helping addicts and their families find hope and recovery from addiction, Helen decided to purchase the company, retaining Mark as a valued consultant. Utilizing many of the components that contributed to Mark’s success, Helen spent the next 12 months enhancing the company’s structure, programs and services leading to the formulation of Intervention T.O.Sadly, Mark passed away in January of 2019 but his legacy continues through the happy and productive lives enjoyed by clients and families he has helped over the years and in the continued support and services provided by Intervention T.O.

Intervention T.O.provides a range of professional intervention and counselling services including, one-to one counselling, solution focused interventions and mental health support for individuals and families struggling with substance abuse and trauma. Helen offers an individualized, strength-based approach tailored to the specific needs of the individual, and her work is informed by compassion, empathy and three core beliefs:

  • That all addicts have the capacity to recover
  • That long-term recovery is possible
  • That real and lasting change is within reach for any addict willing to ask for help and do the work

Helen and her team of counsellors and interventionists are highly skilled and knowledgeable professionals with decades of experience working with addicts seeking recovery, families experiencing addiction and people who may be at a point in their journey where they remain unsure of their readiness for change. By understanding the unique needs of the individuals and families who seek help for alcoholism and drug addiction, Intervention T.O. will provide hope, support, guidance and solutions when they seem out of reach.