Intervention Overview

The thought of confronting an addict with the truth about the impact of their addiction may be an uncomfortable one. Yet, without help, the addict will continue to incur ever-greater losses and even, possibly, death. Some of the behaviours that go hand in hand with substance abuse include criminal or quasi-illegal acts, risky sexual activity, and of course, disregard for the significant health and disease risks that can result from abusing drugs and/or alcohol. And of course, without change, the family will continue to incur losses as well: losing the addicted person as a contributing, present, loving member of the family…loss of financial security…social and emotional losses…the list goes on.

Intervention is defined as an act of interference: to come between. An Interventionist is the person who comes between the addict and his or her habit, to interrupt the abuse cycle and effect positive change. At InterventionTO, we know you would prefer to take action rather than let the disease of addiction continue to damage your family.

InterventionTO helps families recover with empathy, understanding and respect. We employ complete privacy and confidentiality during the intervention process, while supporting and guiding the family through the intervention and beyond.

An intervention isn’t just about confronting someone you love about their harmful behaviour. A professional Interventionist can actually offer your family a chance at a lasting solution to the problem of addiction. We do the legwork, sourcing appropriate treatment facilities that are capable of addressing your loved one’s unique issues. Admission to private treatment facilities can be immediate, so you can get relief from the knowledge that your loved one is receiving the urgent professional care and support necessary to help win the battle against substance abuse.

Recovery from addiction is possible…and so is healing, for the whole family…free of judgment, pressure, or preaching. Call today to discuss how InterventionTO can help you facilitate change.