Sober Coaching

Sober CoachingIf you or a loved one is struggling with an addiction to drugs or alcohol, you know how difficult the road to recovery can seem. Just as destructive habits didn’t form overnight, rebuilding a new life can be a lengthy and, at times, daunting process. Obviously, having a support network is critical. Sober coaching may be the answer.

Often, a recovering addict will state that everything is fine during treatment, counselling sessions, 12-step meetings and the like, but the moment they are alone with their thoughts, cravings begin to creep in. Ironically, people with substantial resources may find recovery even more elusive than the addict who is down-and-out, simply because they have more options for relapse. Hence, personal services are required.

A sobriety coach is a highly trained and qualified professional who brings treatment right to your doorstep, discreetly providing you with guidance, motivation and structure when and where you need it most.

Sober coaching is a personalized service that looks different for everybody, although it generally works best for people who struggle to maintain successful recovery on their own, whether the goal is complete abstinence or simply refraining from harmful behaviours. We act as your advocate in the real world, both in the situations where relapse is likely to occur, and with proactive support to help prevent the terrible cycle of addiction from starting up again once inpatient treatment is completed.

To find out more about how sober coaching can help you reach your recovery goals and give you the confidence you need to face life again – whether you need extra assistance with day-to-day activities, social functions, or work and family pressures – call InterventionTO for a confidential assessment.