Mark Elliot | Founder, Intervention Toronto

Mark Elliot was a highly respected expert in the field of addiction treatment and hosted of Newstalk 1010’s award-winning radio program about addiction and recovery, People Helping People for over 20 years. The success of this program was the impetus for Mark to establish People Helping People Support groups where addicts and those who love them found hope, compassion, support and the resources needed to navigate the landscape of addiction and recovery.

In addition to his success as a radio-host and group facilitator, Mark worked as a counsellor at an in-patient treatment program and in private practice before discovering his true passion as an Interventionist. Mark founded Intervention Canada and Intervention where he successfully counselled addicts, and families seeking recovery and help from the devastating effects of drug and alcohol addiction. After an illustrious career in addiction counselling and intervention Mark retired from working full-time but continued to offer his expertise, knowledge and experience as a consultant with Intervention In January 2019 Mark sadly passed away unexpectedly but his legacy lives on through the happy and productive lives being enjoyed by the hundreds of drug addicts, alcoholics and families that he helped over the many years that he dedicated to the field of addiction treatment.