How We Can Help with your Intervention

At InterventionTO, we operate from the understanding that people struggling with substance abuse are sick people, not bad people. Whether the original motive for using substances was to relax, escape problems or have fun, over time, addiction becomes a powerful compulsion that the addict cannot resist even though they want to. This understanding of addiction allows our clients to accept help without the shame and stigma that still surrounds alcohol and drug abuse…and allows us to facilitate real healing without judgement or blame.

The counselors at InterventionTO specialize in successful interventions, sober coaching, one-on-one counseling, and family therapy. Their strengths based approach to solution-focused therapy means assisting clients in finding the path to recovery that works best for them, based on their existing strengths, needs, and situation. It’s simply the best approach for people struggling with addictions because it helps restore damaged self-esteem, which is essential for those whose self-confidence may have been all but lost through years of substance abuse.

To find out more about us and how we help promote lasting recovery for individuals and families, please call us at (647) 949-7959 to book a confidential consultation.